Growing Together

Growing Together is a provincial effort dedicated to the needs of brothers and sisters of persons who have autism and related disorders, unique health, developmental, and/or mental health concerns. As part of the initiative to create the Pacific Autism Family Center (PAFC), Growing Together will develop programs dedicated to support siblings of persons with developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues.

Growing Together was founded in 2009 by Connie Cocchia, a sister to a young man with autism. In high school, Connie met another sibling her age who also had a brother on the spectrum. Their immediate bond and understanding of each other made Connie realize the importance of sibling connections. Connie was surprised to find few resources available to siblings of all ages to help connect and interact with other siblings, and so she created Growing Together in hopes to provide a platform for siblings to network and communicate about the journey of having a sibling on the spectrum.